Bollywood Movie Timings - Singapore, Jade Cinema

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15th August Friday : 2.00,3.15,6.15,7.45,9.15,10.45 PM,12.00 MN
16th August Saturday : 12.45NN,2.00,3.35,6.25,7.45,9.15,10.30 PM,12.05 MN
17th August Sunday : 11.45 NN,1.15,2.45,5.45,7.00,9.00 PM

Legend: * indicates Special Rates. Contact Cinema Operator for Details


*Disclaimer: NRI Singapore Online Magazine or Path Layers Business Services are in no way associated with Jade Cinema, movie distributors or any other person(s)/organization(s) responsible for the screenings of the movies. Although information has been obtained from reliable third-party sources, we do not guarantee absolute accuracy. Kindly check with cinema operators for most accurate listings.

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15th August Friday : 2.45,6.00,9.05 PM,12.15 MN
16th August Saturday : 1.05,4.15,7.35,10.45 PM
17th August Sunday : 12.05 NN,3.10,6.15,9.25 PM

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Status: Next Change - Movie Preview


15th August Friday : 4.45 PM
16th August Saturday : 4.45 PM
17th August Sunday : 4.05,9.45 PM